October 20, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers

Together with two of my good friends, Alan and Gareth, I will be beginning a new Warhammer army soon! The three of us have been playing Warhammer Fantasy together for close to twenty years. I am a bit hesitant to actually count back the years as I know I will be shocked. Twenty is a fine round number and I am sticking to it. We started in a small club in our hometown and eventually migrated to Dublin and the Irish tournament scene. Nowadays we are all living apart from each other and never get to really play like we used to. Its all about tournament builds and nasty combinations whenever we do get to play. Over the last few weeks we got to chatting again and of course it was mainly about Wwarhammer, one of the common threads we all share. We discussed new armies and various developments over the last year. When I was home last week we got to chat about starting a new Warhammer project, inspired in part by Heelanhammer and in part by the old White Dwarf and now web series. So from November 1st we will be doing a "Tale of Three Gamers" here and on a few of the popular fora.

As much as I wuld like to start where I began all those years ago with a Goblin army I will be doing a Beastman army instead. The plan is to paint 300pts a month and within eight months we will have a decent 2400pt army complete. We will also do some terrain at the same time so when we do eventually get together to play we have something to accompany the armies on the table. The first model I intend to paint is this old albion giant. I bought this a long time ago when he was new. It was a cheap way to pick up two giants back then when I had a goblin army. I will make some small conversions along the way as I think I will use him as a Ghorgon. The head can definitely be made to look more bestial and the weapon might need a change to suit the cleavers the Ghorgon has. I would also like to add some armour to bulk the model out slightly, even some shields and chainmail should help. At the moment he is really thin and scrawny, he doesn't look like a T6 monstrosity.

I will try to preview all three lists next week. They are guidelines and very much subject to change as the project develops, especially if new books come out. Alan is doing a Spartan inspired Chaos army while Gar is doing some additions to his already massive Dwarf army. He still has so many core units to do that it was easy to still make up an army from them. Strangely none of us are revisiting the armies we started with. Alan has always played Dark Elves while Gareth started with Beastmen. So you can look forward to a good chunk of Warhammer content here over the coming few months... that is as long as we can all stay motivated, the biggest challenge when it comes to painting an army!


  1. Best of luck with this project!

    Tried to lure my brother and some of my own Warhammer friends on to something similar, but exams, lack of planning and clear goals made us give it up.

    I've always liked Beastmen, so this gives me another reason to keep a close eye on your blog! Will you post the progress of your friends at this blog, or will they keep us updated on their own? As I still see upon myself as a Chaos collector and player (although there's years since I played a game or finished a model for my army..), I'd love to see that Spartan-themed army.

    ...Speaking of Chaos Armies, what happened to yours? Did you ever get it finished?

  2. Hi Noeste, nice to see you back! A project like this is really tough to keep motivated but we will try! It can't be that hard right...

    I never finished my Chaos army. It is sitting here in my cabinet looking forlorn. (th edition blew my plans out of the water and I lost motivation. The army went from being MSU to being the exact opposite. I didn't have the conversion pieces I needed then and with that I just lost interest.

    Had I started after the release of eight edition I probably would have had a different design and all would have worked out well!


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