October 2, 2012

Beast Reinforcements

It has been a while since I painted anything for Warhammer Fantasy. I don't have much left to paint fr Warmachine and Hordes so I decided to pick something from my shelf of abandoned models. It was either the beasts or some Warriors of Chaos. These won simply because they were assembled already. I lost impetus with the Beastmen after I realised how many I had to paint to have a viable army. I guess well over a hundred models in the end. I don't know if I will ever finish them all but little by little I may. I have three more bases like this to do to add to my Gor regiment. Once they are done I will be up to thirty six models and with only four more to hit that golden number of forty I might go for it. At least then it is one regiment finished!


  1. They look good! I like the spacing on a 40x40 base, which will make the unit look less disciplined, very appropriate to this army. I might just do the same for my Skaven. Thanks for the idea.

    The basing is really effective. Are those birth seeds?

  2. ugh. Of course, I meant birch seeds. I don't want to know what birth seeds are.

  3. Nicely done. Also love the look of your basing.

    I hear you on the beasts, that's why I chose to use them in my warriors of chaos army instead.


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