October 5, 2012

Friday Showcase - Burna Boyz

Only four Burna Boyz come in the box for some weird reason and so I only have four of them built and painted. I had intended using them as reinforcements for a Kommando squad and then I decided to just build the rest even if I don't use them. I think I have a second set buried in the unassembled pile here so that would give me eight and the possibility for a Mek. I would like to get a custom Trukk for these sometime down the line but that is just dreaming!


  1. heh.. love them and the colors yo went with. Have a "few" burners around my piles, but they are the old skool metal ones.. not as dynamic as these ones, nor as well painted! Good job!

    1. I think the old metal ones were pretty characterful. I need to assemble the others I have to bulk these out.


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