October 22, 2012

The Raven's Shadow

SAGA is getting yet another four factions and I am looking forward to it. Studio Tomahawk are releasing the Ravens Shadow over the coming months. I haven't played SAGA much but a few others here in Hamburg are getting warbands together. The Irish are represented twice in the book between the Irish faction and the Norse-Gaels. The Franks and Strthclyde Welsh make up the other two factions. I am interested to see how they continue to add variance to the factions and keep the balance. At the moment there are three styles of Warband. The Normans, and soon the Franks, represent a mounted combat style. The Bretons, Scottish and Welsh represent a lightly armed skirmishing style while the rest of the factions mainly use shieldwalls. I don't see Studio Tomahawk being able to bring out any other style. The dark ages were not the most experimental when it came to warfare. So far though they have succesfully kept the game dynamic and interesting. I guess that Raven's Shadow won't be any any different.

Once I get home to Ireland next I will pick up the two hundred or so models I have there. I bought them what sems like an age ago to use as a Warhammer Ancients army. I can easily see them becoming four or five warbands soon! While the Saxons are the faction I have used I think I will go for the Anglo-Danes. I was checking through the rules for them and the main trick they have is to put fatigue on the enemy. It seems very powerful as fatigue can quickly exhaust a unit and force them to rest. The Saxon play very differently than this depending on numbers to overwhelm the opponent. I have only played against the Vikings and this makes for a bloody affair.

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