October 15, 2012

Gor reinforcements

I took a break from painting last week. I still haven't got my motivation back and there is no point in struggling and achieving nothing. I usually just end up staring at the models for ages rather than painting them. Rome: Total War stole most of my time anyway. I am looking forward to the next one coming out. I should really get myself the second Medieval: Total War but that would completely stop me from painting. For some reason there is a great joy to be found in running down peasant revolts with heavy cavalry!

I managed to paint over the weekend and make some decent progress on the Gor horde. I am still not sure if I will finish the army but finishing the Horde would be good. I added a few hounds to the spacer bases as I have some spare and it stops the base looking so empty. I had a spare box of hounds for some reason. I have twenty already assembled so I don't know why I would have bought yet another box. I am tempted to someday run a proper regiment of hounds. They are not so much more expensive than Ungors and they are much faster. It would be an excellent deterrent for other fast cavalry and disposable regiments which seem to be very prevalent in Warhammer at the moment.


  1. Nicely done. I like the mix of the hound with the gors, good way to mix it up.

    Medieval 2: Total War is a weakness of mine. Don't upset the Pope.

    1. I know if I buy that game painting is finished with for a long while!


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