October 16, 2012

More Gors!

I am almost finished with my Horde. I got a good start made on all the remaning Gors on Sunday. Yesterday with some spare time and a good audio book I ploughed through four more models. This time no spacers though as you can see in the pic. There are only so many of those that can be used before it breaks up the regiment too much. I just need to get another spacer done and that is all for the Horde. I am starting to get enthusiastic about the army again. It would be nice to at least finish all the models I have bought for it, especially as that means only another ten or so Bestigor. I don't have any Hordes or Warmachine stuff outstanding except I suppose for a few Khador 'Jacks. I could just get the army finished, I made a list for the first time in years recently and while I still have about fifty models to paint for it it is now well within the realms of possibility. I would have to buy some more models which is annoying but I suppose that is the nature of the hobby.

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