October 28, 2012

SAGA news

I seem to have a lot to say about SAGA at the moment. There is an offical blog from the game developers here.It previews the Norse-Gael warband and their challenge mechanic. It sounds very interesting and gives a distinct flavour to the Norse-Gaels. There is also a description of the Franks whom I am not too interested in. The game is expanding eastwards a little and it may end up divorcing itself a little from its historical roots. The Byzantines were released in Wwargames Illustrated 301 I believe. While they would have clashed with the Rus I don't really seeing them fighting the Welsh very much. It was always something that bothered me with games like the Lord of the Rings where if you both had a good guys force you could end up playing each other. It just doesn't seem right. The most infuriating thing is having to wait to get my miniatures. I have them all sitting in a box in Ireland. You can expect to be blasted with SAGA warbands once I get my hands on them.


  1. To be honest, I quite like the way GB are expanding Saga. There's a logical progression with each release, Britain, islands, mainland Europe. I know the Byzantines are a bit outside that pattern, but so too were the skraelings that were released. Getting past non-historical opponents is a part of wargaming.

    Looking forward to see what you've got coming up.

    1. I am just worried that the charm the game had might be lost if it loses its focus.


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