October 17, 2012

Deamon Prince

I found this fellow lurking at the back of my storage cabinet yesterday. Wwhile I hadn't forgotten I had him I have forgotten what I wanted to use him for. I never intended collecting a Deamon army, despite having a fair few models for one. I am thinking he would make at minimum a decent giant for the beasts if not a Ghorgon. The detail is rather astounding and paiting him would take a lot of effort.... I am not sure if I should start him now I keep going with the rank and file of the Beasts of Chaos.


  1. It is a beauty of a model though. Would love to get my hands on one for my DoC army just to say that I have it. Maybe one day..

  2. A doombull isn't a bad idea at all. It will be hard to find matching Minotaurs though!


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