June 13, 2011

Double Trouble

So I got the second Redeemer finished! I have only used a Redeemer twice before and I liked him a lot, especially combined with the Choir. Now with a 'brother' I can have twice the fun. I kept the paint scheme the same as I liked how the first turned out. I did have some problems though as I didn't fix the pigment on the first one before I played a game. Now there is pigment all over the model. It doesn't ruin it but it does change the stark white to a rather dirty colour. Maybe it is hard to pick up on this picture.

I will make sure to have this guy varnished before dragging him onto a tabletop. Having two of them really makes me want to get Kreoss out onto the table to play with. I really can't see how these guys can be anything but full of awesome with Kreoss's feat. Wwith pretty much everything on its ass they can't miss. Thats a lot of high power hits coming in in one turn! I have one 'jack left to paint now. The dreaded Avatar... he is just the unluckiest model I have ever had to work with, well maybe with the exception of the Dreadstone Blight. Thats thing is also pretty unlucky. Anyway while airbrushing the Avatar tonight my airbrush didn't want to behave. I have no idea why it just does that sometimes. So having attempted to get a white coat on evenly over the model I got too much paint in the filigree in some places. I am going to have to find a way to strip off some of the paint somehow. Anyone got any ideas how?

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