June 16, 2011

Further Success

So push moulding is pretty awesome. I have had a khorne symbol mould ready for a while but I never used it. Following on from last weeks fun with the Templeguard shields I decided to use it. Again I applied some olive oil to lubricate the mould. I don't know it this is needed but I don't want to find out that it is by having a mould ruined before I have really gotten much use out of it. This mould is much smaller in volume than the shield and I had far too much green stuff mixed. Unpreturbed I put the stuff in with a lot of over spill. After a day drying I was able to remove it easily. I had to trim a lot off around the edges which with the odd angles present wasn't the easiest job. The piece in the middle, the nose I guess, is still there just to illustrate this. However I can now go ahead with my plan of using this symbol on some armour for Chaos Ogres... well if I ever get back to that project.


  1. I've done some of that in the past, and recently I picked up a 2-part mold putty known as Amazing Mold Putty. It works quite well, don't really need any release agent on the original nor on the mold later, and it holds very good detail.

  2. Yeah I have seen something like that online. Sadly it hasn't arrived in Germany, at least that I am aware of, and the shipping from the States is expensive.


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