June 22, 2011

Turn the page

I have been eyeing this model since it was released. I don't know why but the idea of carrying a giant prayer book around the battlefield is pretty awesome. I guess the next evolution of this is carrying a big Organ... well the battle engine thing which I am guessing is an organ. I managed to snap this up cheap on ebay and while listening to podcasts from the Knights of the Night over the last few days I painted him. One of the strangest things to do here was to get the pose correct. I tried fitting the parts together but it really didn't want to work. I finally resorted to checking the picture online and then it finally made some sense! I had thought that the guy was carrying the book and facing towards the priest rather than facing away. Once that was figured out he went together easily.

The painting was pretty simple. I had to match the style of my choir who were painted many moons ago. This was nice as they were not painted to the highest standard! I concentrated on getting the skin tone right for the book carrier. I wanted to get more of a reddened look to his face to show his exertions in carrying the book. That didn't work out as I had intended. Still I know what I did wrong and I will try to correct it on the next model. The book had some lettering done, I should have paid more attention to this and made it better. It came out fine but I still think I can do better. I should have put the effect name on the top of the page but I thought of it by the time I was finished pretty much and then stuck it onto the bottom. I just need to put some varnish on the base for the water effect and then all is done!


  1. Epic so far! Wrath of Flame indeed.

    I've never fielded the Covenant, but I love the model. Then again, I've always had an unnatural attraction for miniatures carrying books into combat.

  2. You must love Space Marines then :-)


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