June 23, 2011

Painting a checked design

I have had this one Ork sitting on my painting table for months. I don't know why I constructed him but maybe I was bored. Anyway with all the rumours of 40k getting a reboot and this time it is being made a more tactical game I thought why not get this fellow done! I wanted to experiment and raise the bar a little. My Orks are again not the most amazing in terms of the paint jobs they sport. I wanted to get a better Bad Moonz feeling for them and so I went with adding a checked design in yellow and black to some appropriate areas. I have seen this done on a few of the models that GW show and I tried to copy the faded dirty style. Adding the pattern was pretty simple. I just painted on a grid with a fine brush and then filled in the squares with black. The yellow had been laid down as a basecoat. With the squares blocked in I could fix and mistakes with a little yellow. I didn't want them to be overly accurate either, thats not how an Ork would have them. I then gave a thinned down wash of GW Badab Black. This fades the design out and takes off the brightness of the yellow. I then edge the areas in mithril silver. Then I use some artists pigments to rust and darken the areas even more. Simply brushing these into the cracks and crevasses of the model helps a lot. The black (soot) powder works a charm. The rust then gives a good used feel to the areas where there is metal underneath. This really fades the area down and blends it into the surrounding area better rather than having a stark design. I haven't worked it our fully myself yet but I do intend to do some more Orks over the coming few weeks and I will check to see if I can make some improvements.

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