June 6, 2011

Rolled over

Saturday was my first Steam Roller event. It was fun but it was tough, really tough. First of all I wasn't really expecting to have timed turns. These really change the game. I was panicked and tense every turn. I would quickly shuffle through my turn forgetting loads of stuff, especially to declare shieldwall on my Templeguard!I used the High Reclaimer and the Testament with pretty much the same list. The High Reclaimer still seems sub-par to me but I did like the Testament of Menoth much more. He managed two assassination runs, of which one worked out. I charged Karchev in the rear while sitting on twelve focus and didn't manage to damage him that much at all. Hitting on fours and boosting damage too. My assassination run against Deneghra was better and it luckily gave me the only win of the tournament. I had nothing at all left in my army so I hadn't much choice but to go for it.

I also managed to get my first game in against the Retribution of Scyrah. Damn those Elves! I thought that the High Reclaimers wall of smoke would protect me from any incoming shooting but no. Some strange eagle thing was able to see over it and allow all of the Myrmidions to shoot at me with impunity. It also led to me losing the game at the beginning of the second turn. Well the burned hand teaches best! My opponent was nice enough to play a second game which was much better fun. I didn't rely on the wall to stop shooting this time. I still lost but at least it was some fun. The Dawn Guard are tough.

So I look forward to the next chance I get at a Steam Roller event. The scenarios were fun and the timed turns added a lot of excitement.

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