June 8, 2011

Push moulding, success

So I have had some success with push moulding. I wanted to be able to decorate my bases with some menite themed extras so when it came to painting my Temple Guard I knew I wanted some of their shields. So rather than forking out for them from the webstore I decided to try and make a greenstuff version. It turned out to be pretty simple. The mould I put into a GW base just so that I wouldn't lose it to easily on the cluttered painting desk. It also helps give some rigidity to the green stuff when making the mould. It is pretty easy to press too deeply into the putty and then you have a fragile mould.

Once that was dry I was able to use a little bit of oil as a lubricant and then I simply pressed the green stuff into the mould with a good bit of force. I did manage to trap an air bubble as you can see near the centre of the shield. It is no big deal... it can represent battle damage afterall. The shield also seems to have picked up some more texture than I would have expected. I don't know how this will look once painted. Hopefully it won't really be noticable. It doesn't look bad this way either. So I think I should start working on some more difficult shapes soon!

  • One tip is to make sure that you use excess greenstuff and have that lap over the side of the moulded shape. That makes it very easy to peel the shield out once all is dry.
  • also don't use too much mould release as this can also cause bubbling (I noticed this on the second one I made).


  1. I've been doing a lot of push moulding of late, and I find this stuff excellent:


    There's no issue with greens stuff sticking, and the moulds are quite durable, so no need for mould release. I must have made thirty or forty heads with the ones I've made.

  2. Yeah I saw that on your blog. I don't fancy sending off for any as the postage is expensive. For now it is okay enough that I can make these shields handily.


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