June 4, 2011

The E Street Gang

It has been a while since I really planned some stuff for my Hunter: The Vigil game. I have been reading the sourcebook a lot at least and I have listened to the podcast from the Knights of the Night. This has mainly been to get me into a mood to prepare for a Chronicle and to learn the rules a little better. It will probably take me a few sessions before I have a good idea of how the rules work so any help that I can get beforehand would be good. They are playing a Tier Three or Two game while I intend to only play a Tier One game. That grounds the game in a more down to earth horror style. There maybe a possibility to expand the game into the second tier but I am not planning on that. At the moment I am still trying to think of who to invite to the game. As it is done with people from work I have a lot of available players however I only want to run with a small group. That means someone is going to be annoyed as they are left out...

I have been playing a few online games recently and from one of them I got the idea of having a more mundane threat present in my city. The area that my hunters will work in is also the territory of the E Street Gang. These will form a constant threat in the area and serve to anchor the game in some reality. They will be moving in on the players territory and there will be some conflict with another gang. I will be locating the characters in Lincoln Park in Chicago. The territory is an upand coming area quite prosperpous but bounded by rougher areas to the east and west (at least in my game). The ghouls I mentioned before will be located in the Rosehill Cemetery and they will be part of this gang. So while the gang poses a mundane threat they will be controlled by the monsters of the World of Darkness. I will actually use the gang as the first glimpse some of the players see that something is wrong. When a gang member thats been riddled with bullets simply gets up and walks away they will quickly figure out that something strange is at play.

A situation like this poses a good question to the Hunters who can kill Monsters with some justification. Can they act as vigilantes too? Are humans any less of a monster than the supernatural threats present in the city? If the players can't tell if a gang member is a ghoul, a vampire or a real flesh and blood human can they simply wade into a gunfight with them all guns blazing? Well I guess they would but at least it presents a moral challenge which is the stuff that makes the World of Darkness such a good setting. So what does this mean for our ghouls? Well I need to remake them a little. They will have a vampire overlord now and maybe some of his coterie.


  1. Are these guys led by Bruce Springsteen?

  2. Yep he is the boss after all. I was wondering if the players would make the connection once I name the gang enforcers after the band members.


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