June 25, 2011


So it looks like I will by playing Battletech once again. It has been about fifteen years since I played this awesome game but I am looking forward to it. I have a vague memory of the rules. Some of the guys I work with had a demo of it last Friday and are seriously considering starting to play. That would be great as it is always handier to play after work rather than going to a club.I have also found a shop that is selling the battletech miniatures by weight. The selection is huge but I really don't know half of the mechs. I have to read up a little before I purchase... I have noticed though that a lot of the models are terrible. It looks a lot like something that I would sculpt myself. They are incredibly inspired by the design ethics of the eighties. They are bulky, square and far from sleek fighting machines. The cartoon transformers even looked better... though the mechs are pretty similar in a lot of ways. I wonder if a lot of them were redesigned with a more modern feel they would be awesome. The Stinger on the right here is one of the best mechs in terms of its looks. I find that the lighter the mech the better it looks. Once they start to get heavy then they begin to just become bulky.


  1. I completely agree with you about the look of the heavier mechs. Lots of the lighter mechs were 100% lifts from anime (like the Stinger / VF-1A Valkyrie Battroid.)

    I played Battletech back in the late 80's when the mechs we used were cardboard stand-ups and we marked damage with grease pencils. Good times.

  2. Yep we were having the Demo with the old card stand ups though the miniatures are somewhat better!


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