June 24, 2011

Friday Showcase - Engineer

So I missed last Friday... I actually didn't have much to show to be honest.
A lot of the Dwarves I have left are in a state of semi completion. I have been painting Dwarves for far too long and it really is the army where I have a lot of half started projects and ideas that I never developed further. I have for instance a large amount of Iron Breakers painted but I never managed to complete all the custom shields for them that I wanted. Hopefully someday I can sit down and get a lot of these projects finished. I would have a fairly monstrous army then! I think I have everything for the Dwarf army, often in multiple copies and this is froma few editions of the miniatures too. This guy like the Ork from yesterday has been sitting on my desk for quite some while. I don't know when I built him, probably around this time last year or maybe a little later. I had wanted him to represent an Engineer but as I look at him now if is by far more of a standard crewman than anything else. I guess I needed some more embellishment to really get him to stand out as a character. The paint job was nice and quick. I again spent some time getting the flesh tones right. I didn't do anything fancy I just wanted him to fit in well with the other dwarves I have done. In fact this guy has inspired me to get some mroe progress made on the Dwarves especially the Bugmans Rangers I bought recently to bring that regiment up to a full compliment of forty rangers!


  1. Nice job on the engineer. I like the rock base, and the way his hammer is standing on it. Makes it interesting!

    Which Bugmans Rangers models did you go for?
    I have some old metal ones, are there newer ones available from GW? The only ones I've seen are the plastic thunderers/quarellers combo box.

  2. I got the old metal ones from about '92 I think. Very nice models in my opinion.


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