June 3, 2011

Friday Showcase - Longbeards

I am not sure if I have previewed my Longbeards here before? I know I showed them as WIP while preparing for Gorey last year but I don't think I have them here copleted before. Anyway here they are finally done. As you can see I used standard dwarven warriors with great weapons. The only thing I did to differentiate them was to paint the beards white... they are veterans after all. These were done in a rush as usual but I think they came out fine. The dark red and the gold ties them into the rest of the army. The banner ties in well with the army Standard Bearer too. Te grudge pony is a nice little unit filler that takes up eight spaces. That really helps to get regiments up to the current trend of thirty to forty models! It also splits in half so that means I can easily deal with casualties. I have used it in about three regiments so far and it saves me a lot of money!

I have tried and tried to get some of the old metal models on ebay but to no avail. They sell for incredibly good prices, usually twenty go for about €60 - €70. Thats a little above my budget. I keep my eyes peeled though because they are awesome models and I would dearly love to get a regiment of them together. It would complete my classic dwarf collection. So if any of you readers have any spare please let me know. I would gladly take them off your hands!

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