June 1, 2011

The Guardian is done

PhotobucketHello summer!If predictions prove correct then this may be my last post for three months... Seemingly the weather is set to split the rocks here in northern Germany. I have been informed I will be spending my time outside enjoying the heat, the park and various summer related activities. I won't be in my man cave hiding from that baleful eye that only wants to burn my skin! I really wonder sometimes what makes people crazy about the sun and the summer. I remember a lot of great summers in my childhood speant inside with a games board and two armies spread out before me. Now isn't that far better than lying on a beach or sitting in a park?

I finally managed to get the Guardian done. I love the way I manage to buy things in bulk and then have them sit on my painting desk for an absolute age before I do anything with them. I might add that I have already placed two further orders before I managed to get this model more than constructed. It seems my lead pile is determined to grow. The Guardian is a really different 'jack to paint. He is more ornate than any I have done before and is in keeping with some of the menites later character 'jacks rather than their original warjacks. I decided to keep the red to a minimum on this model to attempt to distinguish him as something different, maybe better? I wantd him to look less like a Line of Battle 'jack. I kept the rust and chips to a minimum too. This was more due to the fact that the hairspray method didn't really work here. Maybe I didn't cover him enough? I was afraid to fill the details if I sprayed him with a lot of hairspray. It isn't very controllable from its original container at least.

I also kept the banners white but I built their shades up using graveyard earth. It doesn't really make that much of a difference from the bleached bone shade I usually use but at least I know I made an effort to make them look different. I wasn't bothered to put menofixes on the banners as I really don't see myself using this 'jack much. I don't want to put a lot of effort into a model that will most likely reside at the back of my cabinet. The Guardian is nine points. Thats a lot especially considering what else is available for cheaper. I have a second Guardian and I would like to use a pair of them sometime however that really will be just for fun!

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