June 9, 2011

I'm a believer!

So this week is a busy one it would seem for me! I made some good progress with my light 'jacks. Here is my Devout! He used to be good in MKI but I am not so sure now. The ability to vlock a single shot is still nice. It helps a lot against those pesky Pistol Wraiths. It also benefits the Harbinger immensely as otherwise she gets destroyed really quickly. However the defensive strike while good is not as good as before. It is a nice attack but it doesn't have the penalties it inflicted before which were awesome. This guy is also expensive at 5 points. I am not sure if he really is worth that much... I was wondering if this guy has a focus on him can he boost the defensive strike? That would be interesting at least. I am also wondering if it is possible to use the defensive strike against a counter charging model? So I move something up to tempt the counter charger into reach of the Devout and then 'whack' I smash him with an unexpected attack. At least then I can think of some interesting situations.

Here you can see how I am using the more decorative base than usual. I like that the model is interacting with the base. PhotobucketGenerally we just see the models standing on the base but with the adjustable pose I was able to make it look like he was stepping over something. I doubt that the plank can actually hold his weight but hey it isn't supposed to be bound by reality. The standard running pose on this 'jack is terrible. It reminds me of a road runner cartoon, in fact I think it is worse. The roadrunner seemed to move only from the knees down just like the running devout. Thinking about it at least the road runner leaned forwards for balance. I am hoping the Dervish has a better pose... I can't remember. Anyway this 'jack benefits from being in a slightly more static pose. I guess someone out there has managed a nice running stance. I would love to see it. I made my other Devout in a similar stance. Sadly I don't have a picture here for reference but I am pretty sure thats what I did.


  1. Very cool! The basing is original and interesting, and the paint job is good.

    Let the unbelievers turn to the True Law or burn!

  2. You can only boost with focus during your activation. So i fear you can't boost your defensive strike =/

  3. Thats a pity... So my hopes for boosted defensive strikes is out the window.

  4. I hadnt noticed the running stance looking goofy until you pointed it out :( damn ....


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