June 21, 2011

Trolls or Spawn or Ogres?

I mixed too much greenstuff yesterday and I had to do something with it. As eager as I am to play with my Warhammer Fantasy army I am not so eager to apint it. I did use the greenstuff to do some fur on one of my Chaos Spawn/Ogres/Trolls. I still haven't decided exactly what these will end up as. I guess as Trolls. I want them to look like Marauders that have mutated into Trolls rather than as beasts in and of themselves.

The fur is simple enough to do even though I haven't done it in about a year I guess. Its like riding a bicycle... It is a little time consuming though and it can take about forty minutes to do fur like I have it here. One thing I forgot is that using a lot of greenstuff makes it easier to have strong texture. I have quite a few more Marauders to put cloaks on so maybe I should take them out and start. Hmmm I don't know. If I sculpt them I have to paint them there is no escaping that. If I leave them on the sprues I can ignore the fact I have loads of them waiting for at least a little longer.


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