June 15, 2011

What colour is darkness?

I don't paint with black. AT least as often as possible I avoid using it. With this model I wanted to do something different. I started with a complete black undercoat and from there I built up some highlights. There are no glazes or washes here just pure paint. I also tried to keep him in a monochrome style. So I used Vajello Field Gray mixed with black for all the clothes. This is a deceptive colour and you will have seen it before on my Dystopian Wars ships. It is green but there is a certain grey quality in it too. Once I started the slow build up from black this grey became very apparent. It wasn't until I was almost finished that the green peeked through. This shows up best in the 'lion cloth'. I am not sure really what it should be called, its lion cloth like at least. The sleeves you see are the same exact mix with a single dot of bleached bone added. This changed the colour very much back towards the grey and offers a subtle contrast. It is still a suprisingly dark colour despite the picture showing it lighter than it is. The leather I highlighted with GW Scorched Brown. Highlighting black with an already really dark (but rich) colour meant I was never going to get much of an effect. Thats fine as I wanted it to be subtle. You can make out the colour shift on the gloves, boots and the cowl. This colour is really dark however and I am not sure if I would use it much more. It is probably better to stick with Scorched Brown as the base colour for a dark leather. I kept the metal as dark as possible. The armour plate edges got some definition and I gave a drybrush of a very dark mix of GW Boltgun Metal and GW Chaos Black over the rest of the metal. For some stronger definition I then picked out some of the higher edges. All in all the model was easy to paint. I made a lot of mistakes as I haven't been painting to a high standard recently. However for the few hours this guy took it was worth it. Once I get stuck into my Khador I intend going to back to as high a standard as I can manage with my painting. Wish me luck...

I am not sure how good Gorman de Wulfe is in the game. I have seen him used quite a lot so if that is an indication of him being good I am doing fine! One my my regular opponents is Jan from the Miniwar Hamburg Club and he uses Cygnar. Gorman's ability to drop a cloud down will be of great benefit. I have also got a few invites to other clubs in the city following on from my recent Steamroller fun. So it is always good to come prepared! Combining this cloud with five more from the High Reclaimer is awesome.


  1. Nicely done! I have one of these though haven't painted it yet; just looks like a very cool, pulpy figure.

    I think that "loin cloth" would probably be an apron; since he's an alchemist it could help protect him from some accidental spills.

  2. Yeah I guess apron would be the correct term. The model is great to paint as there is not so much detail to have to deal with. It is a pity more models aren't kept this simple!

  3. awesome...I have a second hand gorman on the desk at home and was castinmg around for inspiration, this is just such an inspiration. Well, by that I mean im just plain going to copy your colours, but wanted to ask if thats ok? :)

  4. Of course... the scheme isn't copyrighted or anything :-)

  5. Very nice painting, you've managed to make a monochrome figure look interesting and appealing.



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