June 7, 2011

I shall have my revenge!

So in my rush to get everything ready for last weekends Steamroller tournament I got my Revenger complete. This is my second though the first one is sitting in Ireland gathering dust at the moment. At least now I can take a group shot of my Prime stuff without an obvious ommission! Though now that I think about it I guess Severius and Kreoss need to be duplicated or collected from my home. I have been thinking about dedicating a week to just painting Warcasters. I would try to get one a day done... pretty tough if I want to get them done decently but doable I think. At least it would enable me to start playing with my favourite 'caster Severius.

PhotobucketSo the Revenger didn't really come out the way I had planned. It was mainly due to the rush at the last minute. The rust hasn't really streaked that well, I will go back and paint on some streaks so it looks better. Especially on the upper armour. I wanted the front edge of the shield to have some heavy wear on it. I still can't manage that technique convincingly. I will maybe try it again with a few Orks over the weekend to really see what can be achieved. I will be starting my Khador force soon and I really want to have weathering down to a fine art before I work on the northern 'jacks. I really want those guys to look weather beaten.

I don't have that many more 'jacks to do for Menoth now. I have pretty much all of them painted at least once. Only the Dervish and the Templar are missing from my collection. I have duplicates of the Guardian, Crusader, Repenter, Revenger, Devout and Redeemer. Only the character 'jacks need to be done but I am not going to rush out to get them. They are a little pricey at least in comparison to the standard Warjacks.

PhotobucketHere is my old Revenger, painted in a much different style. This was the first Warmachine model I painted if I remember correctly. I painted it in a much more cream colour with a stronger shading than I do now. I also used purple as a secondary colour instead of red. I really didn't like how that worked out. I also painted some scroll work on him as I felt the armour plates were too empty. I guess it was a hangover from my GW days where every model is encrusted with detail. I quite like the simpicity of the models now and by keeping a very stark white as the main colour it shows this off a lot better.

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