July 25, 2011


I was getting pretty annoyed with the slow pogress of my painting reently. Every evening I seem to have something to do and at the weekends I am always obliged to go somewhere. I haven't had a productive painting session in weeks. However I do think I identified another cause of the problem - lack of motivation. Recently I haven't been that enthusiastic about painting. Generally this comes from being bored or overwhelmed. I find that if I have a crowded desk I just don't like sitting there. At the moment mine is on the edge of being overly filled! There is a Bloodbowl Team, a lot of Warmachine, some lurking Warhammer miniatures and finally some Battletech stuff. However what was really getting me down was simply being bored. Everything thats on my desk I have tried my hand at painting recently. There is just nothing new and maybe more imporatnly nothing challenging.

So with that in mind I picked up some Dystopian Wars stuff last week. As always seems to happen I was listening to the d6 generation and they started talking about the game. Then I started thinking about it. I then annoyed some of my club mates to see if they were coming along with their fleets. So in the end I picked up some Airships. Not only were they adding a third to the points of my small fleet but they were something different to paint. I had tried the ships before but not the airships. I have to say they were great to paint. The textures on the canvas of the airship meant it was very hard to build up any form of highlights and that washes would look strange. I am still not sure how to make this less apparent. It would seem that the excellent moulding process picks up too much detail. Whereas the less sensitive moulds used for metals would have given a flatter surface these picked up some of the 3D printing process I think. Its fine in the end, not too noticable, but it does make some of the advanced painting techniques a little more difficult!

So I am hoping to have about five hundred point finished for the next meeting of the games club so I can finally have a game. That depends on some of the other guys getting their stuff done too... It would seem that everyone wants to get their fleet finished before using it which is nice.


  1. Those are very cool models, I'm intrigued by the game but have too many other things happening.

  2. I find that when I am having trouble with painting, just starting SOMETHING will often help to kick off a good session.

  3. Yep thats quite often the ase for me. Just getting to sit down at the desk and stay doing something for twenty minutes usually gets me into the swing of things. If I get too distracted within those first few moments then nothing gets done!


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