July 27, 2011

Going back to Chaos?

So despite my current attraction to Dystopian Wars I am slowly starting to think about my chaos army again. Again it is the fault of a Podcast, this time Heelanhammer. I think in the year since the relase of eighth edition I have played only ten games. Thats a shame as I really like Warhammer. My current club isn't really that enamoured with it but Hamburg as a few clubs and I am thinking of getting a very quickly prepared army together just to have some fun. However I need practice with weathering pigments and I am going to combine the two. Chaos Warriors are some of my favorite models by Citadel. I can imagine painting them in a very mettalic scheme and then weathering them heavily. It wuld be a very simple way to get an army to the table and I can really improve my weathering skills. As for the composition I am guessing anything with armour. I can't weather flesh so no marauders or hounds, so only Knights, Characters and Warriors. Hmmm lets see if my enthusiasim keeps on the boil. I might pick out a test model tonight to see if the scheme is workable.

I would want them to fit somewhat into the general tone of my current Chaos Army. However I am guessing that they will suit best as Khorne marked Warriors especially considering tht the weathering should give them a strong red tone. I want to get an army on the board as quickly as possible and that is somewhat effective, I am guessing that Chaos fits this bill well. Also it adds to what I have already done so thats a bonus.


  1. I'm definitely one of those not enamoured with 8th edition. The core Warhammer rules are good, but the tweaks they made to combat, charging were not needed, and the magic phase is still messed up. That said I still like the visual of Fantasy Chaos and that is why I'm still plugging away at them, even though I may be done playing lots of games of Fantasy until 9th edition.

    If you like the core warhammer fantasy, I've found that I really like WAB's rules, despite all of the nay sayers and mass exodus to Hail Caesar, a game in my opinion that is more suitable for playing Napoleonics.

    But anyways, for me it always comes back to the hobby, I enjoy the construction of miniatures, converting and painting, more so than playing the games. I hope you do continue the chaos stuff, because I enjoy seeing your work.

  2. I hope you go ahead with the project. I'd like to see how it turns out. I had to start working on my weathering techniques when I started playing Warmachine. I really don't have much weathering to do with my High Elves. I'd be interested to see what you learn during the project.

    Oh, and just to balance out the views, I love 8th ed fantasy and probably wouldn't be playing the game if it had been a rehash of 7th.

  3. Well I don't hate Warhammer, the change from 7th to 8th was generally a good one but really it could have been better. For me its just the magic phase. I can understand why the magic phase is like this too as they are making a fantasy game not a historical one. However their approach to its components and design was too haphazard. Too many things slipped through during the game design phase that should have been picked up upon. I know how this happens, I see it all the time in my work but really there are glaring faults with the curent iteration of magic. The only excuse, which is a bad one, is that their design ethic wanted to create such a magic phase.
    For me Warhammer has always been about the grunts. I like looking at armies. (th edition has helped this quite a lot by maing regiments much more useful and bigger. This really improves how the game looks, the terrain being released is great too though a few less skulls would be nice.
    Games Workshop walked right up to the line beyond which lies awesomeness but they haven't crossed it yet.


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