July 6, 2011

Grey Death Legion

Here is my first mech in over a decade. It is a Blackjack painted in the Grey Death Legion colour scheme. I am really unhappy with it but I am viewing it as a test piece. This model is basically a 6mm scale one and I really haven't uch pratices with these. Highlighting the armour plates for instance presents a particular problem. In all the Battletech miniatures I have seen these small angular plates predominate. I feel like I shouldn't indivually highlight them all but I should do it as a whole across the model. This is more in keeping with a style like a 28mm model. So in the end I decided to keep the highlights to a very minimum and to just ensure that the plates were well defined. Thats easily done with a black wash! I also wantd to make the colour scheme of grey a little bit more visually appealing. I failed with this model. The camo scheme which I have to admit I have never been able to paint properly fades to much into the base grey colour. In my future mechs I will need to get this to stand out a lot more. One of the iconic colour schemes on Mechs is the yellow and black warning stripes. I put them in the rear of the model here as a test and I like them. I will go back and add these to the front I think. I didn't want to break with the camoflage scheme too much by adding a lot of these stripes but as the front of the model is so boring I guess I have to. There are some areas that immediately stand out. The top (proximal) ends of the arm mounted guns would be good. Also the prominent rounded torse has some piping underneath that would take it really well. This should break up the monotomy of the front without being overly obvious.

I also wanted some rust on this guy. The photograph has really picked out the orange colour and it is far more stark than I hope it is in reality. Looking at the photograph this is terrible... I might have to find a way to revise that rust. I just put it on in a few places to see if it looks good. At least I know now it doesn't look that good so I can be more selective in how I apply it. I managed to get my Warhammer glued together last night to with some luck I might get him painted tonight.

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  1. Cut yourself some slack. This is pretty fair job for a first attempt and all. They only thing it needs to make it look better is a decent base. You might want to chalk up the gun barrels at the ends to simulate heat burn, but other than that...

    Nice mech


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