July 20, 2011

Bugman's somewhat lost rangers!

I managed to get my Dwarves finished for this weekend. It didn't take too much as a lot of the models had been started already. I was just getting them to a presentable stage so that I could finally field a proper painted warband! Thankfully it isn't such an undertaking at the Orc and Goblin Warband we have in the campaign. That one has seventeen models in it. That would take me far too long to do from scratch. However my painting laziness probably puts me at a disadvantage. I really won't be able to compete equally against a much bigger warband. I need to be lucky in my opening salvoes to even the numbers a little and then hope I won't be swamped by the remainders. I shall see how it goes over the course of the campaign. I have eighty gold to spend and I can invest that in another Thunderer or I can instead armour up my ather vulnerable leader... I am not really sure which direction to go.

Tonight I am giving some painting lessons so that should be fun. Some of the other Battletech players want to paint up some of their miniatures and I am happy to oblige them by letting them try it out with my equipment and hopefully pass on some tips while at it. At least it bodes well for the genreal committment to the game. If the players are showing enough enjoyment and dedication to want to actually paint their stuff then it would seem I can look forward to a goood few more games... nice!

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