July 11, 2011

Mordheim underway!

So I had a busy weekend but I still managed to get two games in. My german team meeting was on and as the Team Leader I was obliged to go along. It was fun but it meant that no painting got done. Not the end of the world I suppose but recently I haven't had much time just to sit and paint. Hopefully this week will finally be a relaxing one and I can get some progress made. Mordheim was the first game that I played. It was fun, a little better than I remembered it. It is still no Warmachine but it has its charms. I am playing a Dwarven Warband so I have to deal with a few disavantages. I played against Lars and his Cuthulu themed Chaos warband. With movement three I really struggle to do very much. I have my entire warband armed with Crossbows. I was able to set up four guys high on either side of the board to rain down shots. We were playing Breakthrough so Lars needed to get off the tble. Instead he concentrated on taking out my guys. I had the two remaing Dwarves, my leader and Trollslayer in the centre of the board to cut him off if he ran for it. These two basically were never going to get into the action unless Lars wanted them to. He easily outpaced them and managed to gang up on my leader. Some fortuitous positioning on my part prevented him from being surrounded and quickly taken out. My crossbow armed guys on the flanks were able to take out a member of the chaos warband each turn so I forced a quick panic test on the Chaos Warband and they faile just as the Possessed and Dark Souls reached these positions. So I was lucky. No injuries to me and two heroes taken out of the Chaos Band. Checking for earnings I managed a nice 80gc setting me up well for the next game at least. I noticed the Orc warband has seventeen members, so each of my dwarves has to kill three of them!

I also mananged a nice game of Warmachine versus Jan with his Cygnar. I am unable to beat Cygnar. I have no idea why... Its not like the shooting is doing too much but it slowly adds up and then I am dead. This time it was a CRA from the long gunners into Severius. I need my revenge soon...

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