July 7, 2011

The Warhammer

So I managed to get my Warhammer done overnight, I had him started so it wasn't much to do really. I was supposed to be playing some Warmachine but I was too tired to actually think so instead I put on an Audiobook (No Country for Old Men). As I have a big game next week, on Tuesday I think I need to get in gear and get a Lance finished. That means four Mechs of about the same weight category. I want to represent the Grey Death Legion but I don't really have a clue about whyt they typically might have in their armed forces. At this point I am going for two Warhammers, and Archer and a Marauder. This would be a fairly heavy lance I guess. I have no real reference! It has been fun reimmersing myself in the universe of Battletech. While I won't be investing in the game heavily, or at least as heavily as usual I am looking forward to some good games.
Glueing this model together was a pain. Firstly it is twelve parts so thats annoying already. Then the legs have no anchor points that they can be glued to systematically. No instead you have to hold four pieces together and hope it works. Having glued my fingers a few times I finally got the model to sit as you see it now... crooked. At the time I thought it gave a nice twist to the hips and made the model look a little more agile. However as I look at it now I gave it too much of a human pose and that takes away from the sense of a giant metal robot. There is just no easy way to get this model together that I could manage and I guess there are a lot of these out there that are very similar to mine. Anyway for now he is fine. Its not like I will be playing that much with him...
I copied pretty much the colours I used for the Blackjack yesterday. I did bring the camo scheme up a step. The stripes are much more visible now. I also was able to make them longer but spread further apart. I still think I should probably have gone for more distinct thick bands of colour but these are fine. I did put some more effort on the spot colours bringing them also up a little. I also made sure that the yellow and black stripes were more prominiemtly placed so that it breaks the camo scheme up. Combined with the very blue windows and the red missiles on the shoulder this guy is already looking better. I haven't settled yet on what more is needed but it is a good start!

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