July 18, 2011

Friday Night, Fright Night

So Friday sees my first game in the New World of Darkness. It has been well over ten years since I ventured into any World of Darkness product so this is really going to be interesting. I am planning a relatively short three scene beginning which should only take about three hours. That allows a little over spill in case we are slow with the rules. It also means I don't have to prepare too much. In this session I will be mainly concerned with introducing the players and then having some NPC's intorduced too. So I really just need to hammer out whats important and I don't need to have the entire Chronicle ready.

I finally have the group formed, a relatively small one considering the number of eager players where I work. The group consists of three very inexperienced players whose roleplaying extends only as far as Dungeons and Dragons. This will be a steep learning curve for them and I really don't expect that they will like it much at first. While I would like to dump them straight into some action so they get a feeling of what is happening I can't. Thats just not my World of Darkness. It has to be a slow tension building exercise otherwise all the effect of the game is lost. This has the downside, especially with an inexperienced group, that forming a coherent party with a strong story is difficult. While I have discussed this with the players I haven't as yet had a response.

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