July 22, 2011

Getting an Island on the board!

I once again picked up some Dystopian Wars stuff last night. I was supposed to be doing the grocery shopping but I happened by the gamestore and as a reward for all the housework I thought a few miniatures would be fine.

As I get more and more into this game, depite attempting not to, a project has cropped up in the back of my mind. I really would like to play over a nice game board and what could be better than a real island scaled down to 1:1200. The island I am talking about is Helgoland, one of Germany's most important naval assets. The rough dimensions of the island are 135cm x 42cm x 105cm whic fits on a single 6' x 4' board (180cm x 120cm). However it probably doesn't leave enough room for much action around the island which would be the main point of having the board in the first place. Okay it is nice to have the island for ground forces but really everyone here wants to play the naval game foremost.

So what to do? Well I have been thinking on this a little and the best i can come up with is to split the island right down the middle and mount the two halves on separate boards. At least this way we have the island for larger games when the two boards are placed together. We can also then play along one of the coasts without too much difficulty. We could even use the boards as modular pieces and simply arrange them in any configuration that suits. Its not the aim of the project but it provides a lot of better playing opportunities this way.

One problem remains... storage. There is no chance in hell that I can manage to get this to reside within my apartment. Well I could but then I would have to move out! Especially if I ever wanted to play on them. So maybe I need another plan. There are not so many islands in the North Sea that can be scaled down and I don't really see my Prussian Fleet operating in the South China Sea. Anyway I will see what I can come up with.

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