July 14, 2011

Battletech WIP

I don't usually put up a lot of WIP shots here as I find them not so interesting. People want to see the finished article! However I don't have much of an option as I am really not getting anything finished these days. I am starting a lot of new stuff but like my usual habits I jump from one to the other rather quickly. It does mean that sometime in the near future I should get a lot of things done at once. As I am using my Battletech stuff before anything else I decided to give it priority so ma Avatar, Dreadstone Blight and Mordheim Warband are all on hold while I get these models done. I just want to get my Heavy Lance finished so I can play with them. I am also doing it as an instruction exercise for one of the guys in my office that has never painted. He is slowly learning how and watching my progress helps him understand the steps he needs to follow to complete his stuff. After that I can get back to my Mordheim Band.

The Lance is nearing completion. Everything has been washed down and just needs to have the highlights built up and the camo schemes fixed. I don't do much to the grey as its fine after a light wash. I try to fix the yellow to give the model some contrast and I add some red to do the same. Again these are most definitely gaming models... nothing special is being done with them. Thankfully I don't feel so bad as they are cheap to buy from the local gamestore.

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