July 13, 2011

The Warhammer is based and finished

You saw this fellow last week but he wasn't finished. Since then I managed to find some hex bases and I mounted him up and finished him off. The bases are metal and they are annoying as hell to paint. Everytime I pick up the model the paint on the base comes off. Now I know this is better than paint coming off the model but still it is annoying. I have varnished the base sides multiple times but as I water down the varnish for use in my airbrush I think it might be a little too thin to paint on. Yes, I am too lazy to fire up the airbrush just for this guy. Maybe once I get them all finished! I am still debating if I should add some weathering pigmets or not but as it didn't look so great on the Blackjack I don't think I will.

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