July 4, 2011

Avatar Preview

It has been a while since I managed to sit at my painting desk. The last few weeks saw an incredible increase in the amount of work landing on my desk so I really didn't have time (or the desire) to paint much. I managed an hour scattered here and there but really it didn't add up to much. This weekend also presented the chance to go to Berlin so I jumped at it. The city was nice and I can't recommend the Pergamon Museum enough. The British Museum were not the only looters of ancient cultures it would seem. The one thing I have been consistently working on over the last few weeks is the Avatar. I am terrified he will crumble in my hands due to the woeful cobbling together he had to suffer. So far he has remained in one piece... lets hope my luck holds. I really want to get him finished but it is a very detailed 'jack, at least in comparison to his future neighbours in my painting cabinet. I am not going to weather him too heavily as I guess this guiy would be the most taken care of 'jack in the menite arsenal. He has to have some somewhere but I will really keep it to a minimum. I will hopefully get him done this week before my Battletech stuff arrives.

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