July 25, 2011

Some new undead

So these images just arrived in my inbox! Some very nice new stuff!
This Ghoul King looks awesome. Its a pity that the plastic ghouls are not equally as nice! Thankfully i have pretty much given up on my idea of an all ghoul army due to the difficulty of picking up the old metal models. If I was doing it this model would be straight in there. Its really great, much better than the hideous Zombie Dragon.

The Cairn Wraiths are nice, not much of a change from before. These are seemingly becoming haracters in the new update. Thats a good change but I can imagine that with the need for magic in a Vampire army these will be more of an after thought when constructing lists.

I really like this piece. I will definitely be getting myself one. It isn't a very practical piece as you won't be able to pop a regiment inside it. I guess at a stretch you could count it as a building or something. I think it will be really nice when added to the chapel and some of the walls. It could make for a very atmospheric graveyard. I really like the direction GW are taking with terrain. They have really come out with some great kits. I would love though if they would make some generic houses though. The kit seems fairly modular as the individual tombs are separate pieces. I guess then I will be buying two and making a slightly larger piee. It doesn't seem to have an overly large footprint. Hmmmm I should get the Dreadstone Blight finished first.


  1. I think you could definately use the Garden of Morr with the building rules. If your opponent isn't being a prick, you could house rule something.

    Love the big Dragon thingy, and as for the Wraiths, if I remember correctly they used to be characters at one point in the past.

  2. The Wraiths were for sure. They caused terror and had killing blow (or something to that effect) They were pretty pricey though at about 75pts each. They were also rather useless as it was always better to have a cheap necromancer around. Maybe they will be improved. The Banshee I don't remember as a character. I think she just was a rare or something. She was always pretty decent as the scream worked very well.

  3. Yeah, the Banshee was never a character. They were introduced in the 5th edition Vampire Counts book - just independent models then.


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