July 19, 2011

Dwarven Rangers

Despite the fact that last weekend wasn't as action packed as the previous few I didn't make much progress on my painting projects. At the moment I am a little scattered and this means that while I might get a lot done I don't get a lot finished! I am working on Dwarves, Menoth, Battletech and Terrain! I got these five rangers done over the course of Sunday. I am playing Dwarves in Mordheim and I want, as far as possible, to use the Bugmans Rangers models. While I have enough done already to use them I felt it would be better to do the warband from fresh and then to add these to the Warhammer regiment as eventually I have to make that a little larger. I of course couldn't get these guys 100% finished, that would be too easy, as I ran out of Graveyard Earth to do the bases. So again this week I have to make a trip to the gamestore to pick up paint. It seems like a weekly event at this point.

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