July 8, 2011

Kreoss, Grand or High?

So I picked up another unit of Knights Exemplar. This is pretty much my first duplicate unit and it was an impulse buy. I like the Knights but they always seem to get shot before they can really do anything. Thats the beauty of Warmachine however! If you want them to be effective you have to commit them but that means the enemy has the chance to deal with them first. Having two units means he has to deal with them twice... well thats the principle in practice it is much different! I am a big fan of the tier lists. I like the little boosts you get and themeing a force always made sense to me. I was really happy to see them in MKII and I want to make a competitive list using them.

So with that in mind I scanned the army book and came up with a few options. Both of these revolve around Kreoss. I played last week over Vassal and I found that the Epic version is what I would like to play with the most. Getting to tier four won't be that easy but it will expand my force without too much duplication so thats good. I can also easily reach tier four in thirty five points which is a big bonus. I hope the list in competitive though I do feel that it needs to go to about fifty points before I have enough options to round it out. Currently the shooting options are sparse and I have no great area of effect weapons. Getting to fifty points will alleviate that a lot.

I like the Exemplar Errants but I really can't get them to work ever. Having tried them a few times on Vassal I thought that I would have gotten a handle on them but I really haven't. Neither their ranged or melee attack is that powerful, weapon master does help though. Quick Work never really makes that much of a difference and then they are expensive in money terms. I also have to admit that I dread painting a full unit with command as these guys have a lot of intricate detail. Has anyone some hints for how to use these guys?


  1. In my opinion, the key to the Exemplar Errants is the Self Sacrifice ability. That and the UA shuts down everyone and everything and is HUGE. Soul tokens, blood tokens, heart tokens? Nope. Sprint, berserk, overtake? I don't think so. Magic attacks? Heck no. Kill the banner? Good luck, with take up and self sacrifice that dude is sticking around. Now toss weapon master and pathfinder onto them, along with advance deploy and you have yourself a great little unit. The problem I bet you're seeing with them, and the problem I have with them, is that at Def 12, they're gonna get hit--that's freaking hard to miss. This can be mitigated a few ways--non-tier, you can give them Carvolo for tough, or with pKreoss, Defenders Ward and Dirge of Mists stack to make them Def 15. As far as Pow 9 swords, they're eh...but if you stack enough on a heavy it will die. Ayana and Holt will boost them, as well as eKreoss' feat turn, getting them an extra auto-hitting attack. They're not perfect, but they're pretty amazing at what Menoth does best: Saying no to your opponent.

  2. Hmmm I need to check that unit attachment... I don't think I have been using it correctly. Thanks for the tips.


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