February 26, 2013

A Questionable Lady

I more or less got this Rotten Belle finished over the weekend and I did a few touch ups yesterday to finish her off. Again I am happy enough with how she came out but once again there are a few problems I see. I also tried a new thing which has me confused. Yellow is a colour I don't use often as it has terrible coverage. I undercoated the whole model in yellow so this for once wasn't a problem. I went very pale with the colour and again I should have had a better eye for the contrast. The skin again came out fine especially the face. I added a few rotting patches on the skin this time. Basically I added some thin patches of red and green glazes in two or three places on the skin. I think the knee is just about visible in this piture.

The new technique I tried was some transparent clothing. I have seen it painted a few times last year in competition standard models, especially one by Marike Reimer. I tried this on the forward leg here in the picture. I don't think I did it correctly though. I painted the entire stocking in a mix of the base flesh tone and white. I then shaded the area with the basic flesh tone. I then highlighted with more white until I achieved a colour that is just beyond a usual colour for flesh. With the skin tone being pale to begin with and using white as the clothing colour I think I was fighting an uphill battle. It is a technique I will have to play with a little more so I can understand the mechanics of it. I think planning it out a little better will help as I can pick colours and tones that work better.


  1. From what I can see from the youtube preview from her painting DVD without spending 60 quid for it, it looks like she starts out the whole model as the base flesh tone and then layers it up with a contrasting color with quite a few glazes. It seems like a lot of work but looking at her miniatures it can work out very amazing...

    No downloadable version of her DVD but charging 50$ plus 10$ shipping is quite a lot for just getting one technique off her DVD though.


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