February 9, 2013

Some Malifaux

I managed to get my first game of Malifaux played this week. I normally play Warmachine via VASSAL on Tuesdays but this time I got the chance to play against the designer of the Malifaux module. I have to say I liked the game. The cards were an absolutly compelling mechanic as you can easily predict the chances of what you can do and what you can draw. There is still a lot of luck but being able to cheat fate by dropping cards out of your hand is very intriguing. It does seem to me that everything so far was balanced. The density of the terrain and the ability to move around and interact with it was excellent. On the module the artwork for the buildings can be manipulated so that the models can move around and change levels. I guess on the tabletop the terrain has to be specifically built for this purpose but I am all up for that! So far the game is really appealing to me and I will have to resist buying something next time I am in the games store. I played the Arcanist faction with Rasputina and she seemed to have a nice depth to her gameplay- The faction or at least so of the abilities remind me of the Circle Orboros for Hordes.

If you are interested in the module you can find it here. There are also some tutorials on Playing Online, Killing Models and Using Counters. There are a few more tutorials and they can be found here. I will most defintely be playing a few more games in the coming weks.

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  1. Well if you are solid enough with the rules we can could play a few rounds. I got a few Resurrectionists and Becca has a lot more Neverborn. So we are fine without buying miniatures for a while ;)

    If I feel so inclined I also have the Dead Justice box from GenCon still sealed.


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