February 13, 2013

Over 100 Models Already

I figured out today that I have already painted over a hundred models this year. I shocked myself a little when I realised this. I am really setting a blistering pace. These Anglo-dane warriors are the last rendera bases I have and I ordered a hundred. I thought I would have a lot to spare but my box of gripping beast models seems to defy physical space and have no bottom. I see the finish of this warband to six points and another six point band in there easily. That still leaves me with spare models. I must have bought an amazing army deal back when I got these almost ten years ago. Some of these were more or less painted already I have to admit. Still there wasn't a single completed model in the army so I am pretty proud of hitting a hundred in six weeks to tabletop standard. If I keep this pace up I won't have anything at all to paint by the end of the year...


  1. I have boxes of unpainted stuff if you ever run out :P

    Gratz! That is an incredible pace and your standard is pretty awesome.

  2. Looking at how many points you get for painting in the upcoming machinations league you should be able to be with the top players without having needing to actually play a game.. hehe

    Each one up to three times:

    Paint a solo or lesser warbeast 1
    Paint a unit (4 models or less) 2
    Paint a unit (5 models or more) 3
    Paint a light warjack or warbeast 2
    Paint a heavy warjack or warbeast 3
    Paint a huge-based model 4
    Paint a warcaster or warlock 2

    51 Points total.... Plus 5 more for Schematic 2 and you would also finish Schematic 1 as well.
    That's close to winning 20 50-point games!

    1. I don't think they are running that league here, are they?

  3. I asked Bjorn and he said they would.


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