February 8, 2013

Huscarls and High Command

Here are my quickly painted Huscarls. I wanted to put a whole lot more effort into these models but I was getting bored and distracted by all the other models on my desk. These don't have shields so I got through them really quickly while listening to the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. I often find that a good book can help keep me motivated to paint. As I can't listen unless I am painting I am forced to paint if I want to hear what happens next. I got most of the next six warriors done already and the army finally feels like it is coming together. I have also been painting away on some more Marauder Horsemen so I really feel like I am making progress. I have been painting so much over the last few weeks I am finally having to reorganise my painting cabinet to see where I can squeeze in some more models.

Despite all my painting efforts I have been getting in far more board games recently than wargames. Dominion has once again proven really popular amongst my friends and I think I got about six games in recently. Now that Privateer Press has announced High Command I am quite excited. I like deck building games when they are done properly. I also like living card games. I am curious to se what innovative mechanic that they have come up with to differentiate this game from the slew of other similar ones. I really hope they are not just relying on the intellectual property to make it succesful. I am guessing that PP will have a big hit on their hands if they can keep the pressure up on the release schedule, similar to what Fantasy Flight do with Warhammer Invasion and A Game of Thrones. Sadly I have to wait until autumn to get my hands on the game!


  1. A PP living card game? Sounds like a licence for them to print money! I know I'll buy it.

    Nice work on the Huscarls too.


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