February 18, 2013

The Last Spawn

I managed to paint again this weekend and I got this Spawn finished. I have four now done and I think that is enough. I am still not sure if I will use these as Spawn or as Trolls. I haven't looked at the latest book but I am assuming Trolls and Ogres are still in there. I would be very surprised to see them removed. The new Dragon Ogres really look awesome but I won't be buying anything for a while at least. I have enough to paint and I can resist the new shiny syndrome I think. It is great to see that the Dragon Ogres once again resemble the current Ogres models. They haven't done that since the early nineties! They have also massively increased in bulk. I remember when they used to fit on a cavalry base comfortably. It does lead me to wonder what is to be done with older models like that. Should they be rebased as it does have a massive effect in gameplay terms. Yet base sizes are ruled in such a way that you play with what they came with. A regiment of cavalry sized based Dragon Ogres would be far more effective than the current ones! I have seen a lot of models, especially monsters become outdated in my collection. I have a Chimera that came on a cavalry base and giants that came on standard 50 x 50 sized bases. It would be a pity not to be able to use these anymore but they seem to have no space in the modern game.

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