February 27, 2013

Back to Warriors

There might be a few WIP shots over the coming days. I am working on a huge amount of projects at once. I am just painting what I feel like at the moment rather than slogging through a massive regiment at once. I glued a few spare warriors together last week and I sat down to base coat them over the last few days. It took far longer than I though. Basecoating is annoying! It always seems to take longer than it should. I washed these in a few places and built back up the base coat. This is the first time I used the Nuln Oil(GW) where I could compare it to Badab Black(GW). I have noticed that it gives a lot stronger coverage. The armour on these guys has come out much darker than the previously done ones. As these are a completely separate regiment I don't think it is that noticable.

I armed them with two hand weapons as I didn't have enough halberds and painting the shields takes far too long despite looking great. I might eventually do a second regiment using the lances from the Chaos Knights as Halberds. I have fourteen, I guess another ten or so should be enough. I can't see regiments of Chaos Warriors being taken in much bigger blocks than twenty five.

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