February 1, 2013

Flesh Comparison

I have started painting one of my old Chaos Spawn models today and I was wondering what I would do to match the tones I used over two years ago. None of the paint I used is still commercially available and so I am fairly stuck. I used Tallarn Flesh as the skintone for my entire army. I pulled out all the skintones I had and put them side by side to compare. It looks like Cadian Skintone is the closest. Has anyone else come up with something closer to Tallarn than this? The change in tone would be quite drastic and I imagine that when highlighted the results would be significantly different!


  1. Pity you are not in the UK, I have a pot of tallarn flesh, never really use the stuff, could have popped it in the post to you.

    1. I could always drop a few €€ on paypal if you want?

  2. You can find a comparisation chart right here:
    it may help to find the right colour.


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