February 14, 2013

Slaanesh Horsemen

Here are the last two Marauder Horsemen for this regiment just in time for Valentines Day. Thankfully I had the horses already painted so I didn't have to slow down to paint those too. Horses take ages to paint. I don't mind the large surface areas as these are easy to highlight. I don't like them because they just take an age to do. I went with a few flagellant heads in this regiment as they are excellent and convey the theme quite well. I also stuck on the back banner as I though it fit with the unit. I have half an idea there is some artwork similar to the model in an old chaos book. I painted on the slaanesh symbol as it is easy to do and I wasn't inspired to try my hand at something else. This army doesn't have an banners as yet so I didn't have anything to go on. Once I get these all varnished I will get a group shot, if my camera obeys. It doesn't like to take group shots I have noticed! I am wondering what to paint next, a spawn I think as he is already constructed and awaiting paint. Hopefully they are better in the new book as I have four of them.

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