February 15, 2013

Anglo Dane Warlord

This is the last SAGA model for a while. I have had enough of the Dark Ages, that itch is now scratched! I am glad to have three warbands complete and I look forward to getting some games in with them. The local gamestore has asked me to run a demo day so hopefully we get a few more players interested. That may spark my interest in painting again but I have a lot to explore with these three warbands first. I put two models on this base as these came together in the army deal I bought. I often find that at a 28mm scale the Warlords base is really empty. Putting two models on the base fills it up nicely without over crowding it. I didn't know how to paint the dragon banner. The cross hatching came out much better on the back as I made it closer together. On the front it is too widely spaced and didn't come out great. I was too lazy to fix it...

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