February 5, 2013

The Saga Continues

The wonderful winter weather in Hamburg has kept me fairly enthusiastic to paint. It seems that the weather can't decide if it should be springlike or more the heart of winter. This morning I was greeted by a massive snowstorm that thankfully didn't last long. A few hours like that and the city would have completely shut down. I am rapidly running out of bases from Renedra and so I have made up a four point SAGA warband that uses them up exactly. I have loads of miniatures left it seems but no bases for them. I am hoping that I can pick up another set at Tactica in a few weeks. I am also waiting on the basing material, the hobby store assures me it will be available soon! I am getting tired of painting these models. As mentioned on the Madhouse Workshop some of the models are fairly poor, especially the metal vikings. The unarmoured models are fine enough. These are the first of twenty four warrior models that will make up the bulk of the warband.


  1. Nicely done. Very clean sharp line work.

    The plastic, armored Hirdmen and Saxons are much nicer to work with than the old metal castings. I'm particular displeased with the Berserker models. Their fresh metal castings are also pretty good for some of the newer character models.

    SAGA does allow square bases also.

    1. I would prefer to keep the armies consistent in the game and use only circular bases. It makes no difference in the game I am fairly sure.


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