February 5, 2013

More of the same

Looking at the recent pictures of the Marauder Horsemen I noticed that the horses look really washed out! I should invest in something better than a ten year old digital camera sometime! Aat least the riders came out decently. I am again painting them or at least finishing them in twos as it makes it much easier. I basecoat all the models at once and get them to a good standard in one go. I then split them up and do the highlights and finishing details in pairs. It helps in that the highligh paint doesn't dry out on my palette as it would if I tried to do too many at once and I also get to learn from the previous days mistakes and problems. It certainly is a little slower overall but it is constantly churning out finished models at least. I have a regiment of cultists I want to start on soon and I will probably do them in a similar manner.

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