February 19, 2013

Completed Slaanesh Horsemen

The Slaanesh Horsemen are finally finished and ready to be hidden in the painting cabinet again! At least this time they shall inhabit the same shelf as the rest of the painted Chaos models. I need to pick up the book sometime so I can actually calculate what I need for an army. I started painting these guys when I came to Germany first and this was in the last year of seventh edition. I had designed, built and sculpted everything along an MSU style army which worked wll the few times I used it. However eight hit and if you read back through the blog and my various posts on eigth editon and this army you will see that the fact I had to change everything really put me off the game. It didn't stop my buying everything to convert to eight edition though.

While I don't know if I will get back into Warhammer Fantasy I do want to make progress on this army, at least for the time being. I know having a functional army would make me a lot more enthusiastic to play at least. Once I figure out what exactly I can salvage from the old army and what needs to be added I can decide. As always least effort for most reward comes to mind. If I have very little to do then I will glady do it! Sadly I bet I need to do loads.


  1. Very nice indeed. There are rumours that 9th edition will be next year, so you might be able to skip this edition! I tend to just collect and paint what I like, avoid powergamers and it works out just fine.

    1. Ninth edition already? I would find that hard to believe!


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