February 21, 2013

Chaos Spawn Regiment

Here are all my finished Spawn ranked up. As I discussed before I don't know how to use these. I think they are fairly suitable for any of the roles. I avoided the tentacle beast look deliberately so that they were much closer to true humanoid. The addition of some armour and weapons also helps separate them from that look. I guess when it comes down to really making out the army I will see what to do with them.


  1. Lovely spawn, the guy lurking behind the pole is particularly nice.

  2. I've never much liked the spawn kit, just because it seems to homogenise spawn, but that works well here - they make me think of barbarians collectively warped and bound. I agree with Mr Saturday about the stooper, but I'd say they're all posed interestingly. The first on the left looks like he was once a mage.


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